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25 Ways To Have A Fun Reception

As a wedding photographer, I have been to many receptions and I've learned what makes a reception a fun one! I have compiled a list of 25 fun things to do to make sure your reception is a blast!

1. Good DJ/ Playlist

The DJ can truly make or break the wedding! Having a DJ who can change the music to flow with the room is crucial! I also highly recommend if you want everyone on the floor dancing play a song like cupid shuffle or the cha cha slide a song everyone knows! Once they are out on the dance floor people will want to stay!

2. Make sure there is space for a dance floor

If your indoor venue doesn't have a large space inside, but they have a patio area, I recommend having that as your dance floor!!

3. Make sure you are out there dancing and having a good time

This is such an important one!! Probably the most important! You set the tone for your wedding, so if you are relaxed and having fun everyone else will do the same!

4. Be flexible with the timeline

if you realize guests are starting to leave consider doing some of your events earlier than what was scheduled

5. Serve good food

6. Make sure there is something fun if drinks are your thing having his and her cocktail is always fun! If something like an ice cream truck is your jam do that! Just something fun that keeps people engaged!

7. Yard Games

Cornhole, Jenga, etc.

8. Late Night Snack

9. Have glow sticks

10. Photo Booth

11. Shoe Game

12. Keep speeches short

Don’t open the floor for anyone to give a speech this can last up to an hour

13. Have something for the kids

Kid's Bags, Kid's table, etc.

14. Don't take too long after the ceremony for pictures

Having a first look allows you to get to your reception fast!

15. Have a private dinner for the two of you

This way when you enter the reception you both are ready to party and mingle

16. Make sure the reception isn't too long

most receptions last 4- 5 hours

17. Have a fun exit

18. Make sure if you are having a cocktail hour that there is plenty of food,or go ahead and let your guest eat and have your coordinator make you a plate

19. Have multiple desserts

20. Have a bounce House

21. Have a live painter

22. Hire a caricature artist for your reception

23. Have an interactive guest book

24. Have an area for smores outside if your venue allows it

25. Personal touches

Make sure you have personal touches, everyone!! This makes your wedding fun, unique, and very you!!

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